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Today there are a plenty of yoga styles which emphasize different approaches and techniques. Several types got very famous like Bikram Yoga or Power Yoga, others are less known but nevertheless very interesting. Some types of yoga focus on mental power through meditation, some on physical practice with yoga poses (named asanas in Sanskrit) and breath control (named pranayama in Sanskrit) and some set priority on asceticism. Ultimately they all lead to the same goal which is unification and enlightenment. Regarding the types of yoga which focus on the physical work they are all based on the same yoga poses. They vary in centering on strict alignment of the body, coordination of breath and movement, holding the yoga poses, or the flow from one posture to another. Some types of yoga are very challenging, some are gentle and you can find yoga classes for all class levels. Furthermore you can find Yoga retreats for almost all types of Yoga nowadays. In the following overview Yoga on holiday presents the most popular forms of yoga, like Hatha Yoga and Bikram Yoga, to help you to figure out which yoga type is the best for you.

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