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Yoga on holiday shows you in the following points why a Yoga retreat is the best decision for your holiday!

1. A Yoga retreat give you a deeper and longer lasting relaxation than normal holidays. Especially Pranayama and meditation guides you toward a calm mind.

2. The enjoyable atmosphere in the accommodations , especially in the retreat centres and in the ashrams, makes it easy for you to calm down.

3. The contact with like-minded yogis – Meeting each other and spending time together is characterized by a human, respectful and thoughtful attitude. Here you can take off your protection cover and be completely yourself. All the material aspects move to the background and you can just be with all your strengths and weaknesses. Nowadays a privilege in many societies.

4. The asanas in the Yoga classes strengthen your body, dissolve blockades, increase your flexibility and rejuvenate you while pranayama and meditation give your mind a break and bring it into a balanced state.

5. Yoga invites you to listen to yourself and feel yourself once again. Here you have time just for you, far away from everday´s life and its duties! Yoga helps you to connect yourself with your soul: How do you feel? How is your heart, your body doing? What is changing through the asanas, pranayama and meditation?

reasons for yoga retreats6. The healthy, light, often vegetarian nutrition supports the organism and makes a great well-being possible. Some Yogis use the change of diet to leave negative eating habits permanently behind.

7. Many accommodations are located secluded and quiet and are surrounded by a lot of vegetation and beautiful landscapes. Perhaps the silence or sounds and fragrances of nature are unusual to you at the beginning, but they will improve your regeneration a lot.

8. The pleasant mixture of active and passive moments creates a perfect balance for the yogis. Demand your body and spirit with asanas and meditation and enjoy dozing in a hammock afterwards.

9. Experience a holiday with sense , because you will notice a development in yourself after a Yoga retreat. This can be a lot of fresh energy for your daily life, an improvement in your Yoga practice, inspirations from the surrounding or other Yogis or all together ;-)

10. Normally a Yoga retreat takes place away from mass tourism and is often arranged in a sustainable way. Far away from the well-trodden paths you can know a holiday region in a close and authentic way and perhaps get in touch with one of the local people.

After so many great arguments you can´t wait to look for your first or next Yoga retreat here on Yoga on holiday? Use our great search engine to find the yoga retreat you would love to join.

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2014-04-15 03:03:52
you can be wherever you would love to be. there are amazing yoga retreats around the globe. On this same page you can use the search engine above to look for your perfect combination of destination, yoga style and holiday program.
get inspired by the lovely offers of the organizers that publish with us. you deserve a beautiful holiday ;-)
Yours Anke

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mi bes
2014-04-11 18:02:16
me and my friend can be there? <3

For a Yoga retreat with Yoga on holiday there are many good reasons

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