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Sustainable tourism is a topic that the team of Yoga on holiday really cares about. We think it is important to treat nature, people and animals respectfully and we believe that this harmony will represent improvements for everyone. Therefore we integrated this point consciously into the information about the Yoga retreats. This way providers of Yoga retreats like a Yoga Center or a Yoga Ashram have the possibility to present their activities in sustainable tourism or they get another impulsion to reflect on. One of the reasons why Yoga on holiday offers the best Yoga Retreats worldwide. If just one Yoga Center or Yoga Ashram starts with working consciously on sustainable tourism our strategy has worked out. Actually the development of tourism has shown that ecological and sustainable resorts and companies are not just successful but on the long term even better positioned in the market. Sustainability is meaningful in many aspects!

Sustainable Yoga retreats at Yoga on holiday

Yoga on holiday takes several sustainable measures of course. It might be in the private sector or in the business one - we try to keep the negative effects on nature and environment as low as possible. Things like waste prevention, a sparing use of water and electricity and the minimization of paper consumption are natural to us. We buy biological food, are vegetarians and choose sustainable products whenever we can. This can be ecological cleaning agents, recycling paper or energy saving lamps. Furthermore Yoga on holiday practices waste separation and support the local businesses. For our business trips and private Yoga retreats we use public transport, if possible and for flights we use the CO² compensation of myclimate. Yoga on holiday want to set a good example and show, that this lifestyle not just makes sense but also happy ;-)

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Sustainable Yoga retreats at Yoga on holiday

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