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How can I make my Yoga retreats known or how can I find the right Yoga Center for me???

Surely these questions have been asked by all those, who provide Yoga retreats or are interested in going on one. Especially for a small Yoga Center or Yoga Ashram and the Yoga teachers it's not easy to reach Yoga fans all over the world with their great offers. For the Yoga fans in turn it's tricky to find on the internet the most convenient Yoga retreats for them. Although they spend a lot of time in searching, they often feel insecure choosing a Yoga holiday.


What to do? This situation caused the idea and motivation for our platform of Yoga retreats around the world. A place on the internet, where Yoga fans and providers of Yoga holidays finally come together and can get in contact easily and fast. Yoga on holiday offers inspiring Yoga Retreats worldwide. No matter on which continent, in which season or in which combination the Yoga holidays take place – by means of our search function the favorite yoga retreats are quickly found.

Use now the possibility to sign up and publish your Yoga holidays on our website. Never before you have had the chance to reach Yoga fans all over the world so easily. With us you get 3 in 1 – just publish one time and get Social Media, SEO and Promotion in the three languages English, Spanish and German.

For all Yoga fans is worth to sign up, too! On your personal list of favorites you can save all interesting holidays, contact easily the providers of Yoga retreats and share information with friends. Sign up now and be part of our great Yoga on holiday community.

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Now go and check out the world of Yoga retreats – find your favorite Yoga Center or Yoga Ashram here at Yoga on holiday.

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Yogi Panchavedi
2016-03-14 16:52:16
Tushita-Nepal is an ideal yoga retreat resort in Nepal for spiritual awakening- in the bosom of mighty Himalayas. 9 rooms named after 9 planets- Crafted with conscience according to Vedic Vashtu (fengsui)- Ayurvedi meals- Nature Therapy- Spiritual Healing. The best place to detox, release, refresh, Tushita-Nepal is meant for those who are in pursuit of happiness and Peace.

Tushita means heaven in ancient Nepali language. As the name suggests, Tushita - Nepal is amidst the nature; magnificent Himalayas just in front, emerald blue lake, lush green forest rich in flora and fauna. Spectacular dramatic views compel to ponder upon mysterious creation of Nature. And, you realize yes! Tushita - Nepal is the ultimate destination for healthy body, mind and soul. Indeed, it is a paradise on earth.

Please Watch Himalaya View from Tushita- Nepal

• 3 mountains above 8000 m. can be seen from Tushita-Nepal
• 9 rooms named after the 9 planets and accommodated according to zordiac sign only
• 7 night cocoon warmth stay serpentine stone flooring for generating positive energy
• Ayurvedic 3 meals a day, herb detox drink, fruits, juice, tea / organic coffee
• World Peace Stupa is Just in-front seen from our garden
• Bird watching, hiking in nature, barbeque, gazing milky way at night
• 90 min morning and 90 min Evening Yoga and meditation class
• Free treatment for Sinus , migraine and constipation problems
• Language spoken: English and Japanese
• Group Size: 2 to 6 pax for personal care and positive spiritual vibration
• Retreat Program every Sunday through-out the year. It would be a matter of pride to practice yoga and meditation in the land from where it was started.

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