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Questions of Users of Yoga on holiday

Yoga on holiday offers the possibility to get in contact with an organizer of a Yoga holiday directly. Just open a yoga holiday and enter your contact details and a message in the contact form on the right side of the holiday. This will send an email to the organizer and to you. Afterwards the organizer will get back to you.

Questions of providers of Yoga holidays on Yoga on holiday

To list a yoga holiday on Yoga on holiday you need a so called "Publisher account". To get such an account register on Yoga on holiday and select "Publisher of Yoga holidays". You can check if your account is a publisher account in your user profile. If it shows a tab "My holidays" you are listed as a publisher. After logging in you can list a holiday by clicking on "Publish your Yoga retreat!".
Publishing Yoga retreats consists of two steps:
1. Select / find an accommodation
  • You can either click on "Publish your Yoga holiday now" after login to get to the list of existing accommodations
  • Or you can click on "Search" > "See all accommodations" in the header bar
  • Afterwards you can search for your accommodation
1b. If the accommodation does not exist yet: Click on "Create accommodation", fill in all fields and save the accommodation. Afterwards continue with step 2.
2. If the accommodation already exists: View the detail page of the accommodation and click on "Publish a yoga holiday in this accommodation". Now you can enter all details about the holiday and submit it. We will review it and activate it on our site as soon as possible.

Tip: If you wish to publish several yoga holidays in the same accommodation, you can simply repeat step 2 as often as you want.
Yoga on holiday offers two different types of listings.
"Temporary listings" are single Yoga events (i.e. Ashtanga Yoga in India September 10th – September 17th 2015). These offers are shown in the search results until they start. Afterwards they can still be found as past events in the accommodation they took place.
"Permanent listings" are available all throughout the year. They are ideal for accommodations which offer Yoga most of the year. These listings are visible in the search results until the provider stops their subscription. Afterwards they are still available as past events in the accommodation.
The team of Yoga on holiday checks all holidays after their submissions. At this time the holidays are not yet visible. After we have activated a holiday it gets visible in the list of yoga holidays and in your publisher profile.

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