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Yoga in the mountains

Yoga on holiday offers three different service packages. The basic package gives publishers the ability to list your Yoga holidays for free.
You create the entire content for you holiday in all three languages of our page using the publishing assistant. This article provides tips to improve your listings for more visibility and booking inquiries.


That´s new! Now you can list your retreats for free on our website (they show up in English, German and Spanish) and benefit of many great features. Reach a huge audience and get more bookings for your wonderful courses abroad.

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By the way – our website is completely optimized for cell phones. The visitors of our site search for yoga holidays wherever they are…

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foto blog 2In Yoga on holiday we are always trying to give you the best experience while surfing on our website. We want you to feel comfortable and inspired by the great yoga retreats that organizers worldwide publish on our site.

This time we are glad to announce you the optimization of our search engine so you can find the yoga holiday of your dreams even easier and faster. You cannot only choose the region or country but also your preferred yoga type and a special program like Yoga & Hiking or Yoga & Ayurveda.


nude yogaProbably everyone knows how liberating and fun is to swim without any clothes on – it's so exempting, so fresh, so incomparable, right? But how many of us have considered doing yoga undressed? Nude Yoga (in sanskrit nagna yoga) as it name refers is yoga practice without any clothes.


ganga in varanasiWhat's your idea of a real vacation? You might imagine yourself in a setting full of endless beaches, sun and lots of fun activities with friends or just doing nothing. This can be the perfect vacation for most of us! But what if I tell you that there is a person who seems to have the key for spending your holiday in a more beneficial way? Swami Sivananda gave us already many years ago several tools for a good and enjoyable time on vacation! In 1939 he wrote a book called "Easy steps to Yoga" in which he exposed some ways to spend your vacation immersing in the Yoga practice. So did we just forget about his words or have never heard them before.


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